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3 reasons why your health and finances are related to each other

As Herophilus, the ancient Greek physician said, “When health is absent, having wealth is useless.” The relation between your health and finances is high and even involved. Let’s take a better look at three reasons why your health and finances are related to each other.

Bad Habits are Expensive


To put it simply, following unhealthy choices are expensive. For example an average pack of cigarettes costs less than $5. However, if you consume two packs a day, that’s near $3,600 a year just on cigarettes alone. The same thing goes with obesity. Spending high amounts of money on food can lead to an increase in weight gain – ultimately increase health risks.

Financial Problems Lead to Health Problems


The cycle of health problems and financial problems is non-stop. Having financial stress can affect your health causing anxiety, insomnia, and other poor health related issues. This will then lead to skipping medical checkups and poor dietary choices. In the long run, this can lead to much bigger health problems – causing a larger amount of financial stress.

Poor Health Cuts Life Short


Aside from the unfortunate effect of losing one’s life, this can also lead to a poor financial legacy for your family. While money may help you maintain and improve your health, focusing too much on earning can also be unhealthy. In fact, America is considered to being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet far from being considered as the healthiest.

Bottom line, protect your health and wealth by learning for to manage your lifestyle properly. You can still focus on your career while staying physically active and taking care of your health.

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