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4 tips on developing a healthy diet plan on a budget

When you’re on a tight budget, planning your meals can be challenging. Eating health is even trickier. With the right tips, you can still maintain a healthy diet without breaking the bank.

Here are four tips on developing a healthy diet plan on a budget.

Tip #1: Buy Seasonal Produce and Freeze

Buying fresh produce is great, but the costs can quickly add up without you noticing. Stick with buying seasonal produce and stock up when you encounter a great deal. You can buy food like corn, green peas, etc. and separate them into freezer bags for storage. They should last several months.

Tip #2: Learn to Enjoy Beans and Whole Grains

Whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and freekeh are quite inexpensive and an excellent way to bulk up your meals. Black beans can help stretch meals, especially meats. You can incorporate beans with ground turkey for burgers and even chili. Whole grains can add bulk to a meal and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Tip #3: Plan Meals According to Market Sales

The local markets offer savings weekly. Use this to your advantage and consider planning your meals according to what’s on sale. Planning your meals accordingly may help you save even more money without affecting your nutrition. It may even allow you to get creative with your meals.

Tip #4: Consider Budget-Friendly Meat Cuts

Meat lovers can still enjoy meat without having to spend a fortune every week. Opt for less expensive cuts of chicken thighs instead of breasts or meats with bone-in and skin on options. There are more flavorful and nutritious. Consider meat cuts such as beef skin, whole chickens, lamb necks and more.

What are your best tips for developing a healthy diet plan on a budget? Comment below!

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