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5 Services Virtual Assistants can provide for Authors and Writers

5 Services Virtual Assistants can provide for Authors and Writers

More and more authors and writers are contracting virtual assistants to write books for them. If you are an author, you will be able to maximize your time better by hiring virtual assistants.

Here are 5 services virtual assistants can provide authors and writers:

Content Writing. Even authors and writers need assistance in writing! It’s a far- fetched concept but there can always be better ways to compose a sentence or paragraph. There could be a more engaging angle to a story.

You can easily find highly competent writers among virtual assistants. This is because content writing is one of the most sought after skills in outsourcing. There are virtual assistants who majored in English or Literature. Some have written e-books and other long-form content.

There are some authors who give the Virtual Assistant the full authority to write the entire book subject to set guidelines and parameters. They write it one chapter at a time. Once a chapter is completed, it is sent to the author for review.

Transcription Work. Writers are creative people. If they get stumped by a case of “writer’s block”, they will take a few minutes off from work in the hopes of getting the creative juices flowing again.

Inspiration can hit them at any time and any place. If they don’t have pen and paper they will record their ideas on their smart phones. As an audio file, the ideas may sound gibberish but they can at least establish the context. They can send the audio file to the Virtual Assistant to transcribe it into text form so they will have a reference to fine tune the content.

Review and Editing. Virtual assistants also serve a valuable role in reviewing and editing the initial drafts.

In writing, multiple revisions are the norm. The reason for this is perspective. A writer views his work through a different filter compared to a Virtual Assistant.

It is possible for the Virtual Assistant to spot potential deficiencies or weak points in the draft. Because the Virtual Assistant has no vested interest in the author’s work, he or she can view it from the point of view of the intended reader.

Graphic Design. Once the final draft has been approved, your focus will now shift on how to package the book or the document.

There are many virtual assistants who have the experience and expertise in graphic design. All you need to do is give the Virtual Assistant your vision of the book and what it represents. The Virtual Assistant can create design samples for your book’s front cover, back cover, front sleeve and back sleeve.

Online Marketing. Of course, virtual assistants are experts in online marketing. You can find virtual assistants who can do press releases, write ups, marketing copy and reviews that can be published on social media, community blog sites and search engine directories.

They can build inbound traffic to your website through blogging, videos and regular postings on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube.

With virtual assistants onboard it is much easier for authors to write, market and promote a book. You can get more things done at less cost without compromising the quality of the final product.

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