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6 Creative Ways to Increase Your Earnings as a Virtual Assistant

6 Creative Ways to Increase Your Earnings as a Virtual Assistant


A career as a Virtual Assistant can prove to be more lucrative than a typical regular office job. Have you heard of the girl who paid off her $24,000 debt by working from home and is now earning $9,000 to $11,000 per month?

All it takes is hard work and a bit of creativity to increase your earnings as a Virtual Assistant:

Set up a Virtual Assistance Website. Just like a brick and mortar business, you will need an office. In the virtual world, the website is your office.

Don’t go cheap on your website! Hire a professional web designer and programmer to build the website for you. It must be:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Fully optimized
  • Fast to download
  • Accessible via multiple browsers
  • Equipped with fully functioning buttons
  • Aesthetically designed

Include a web page for your portfolio of work and if possible have client testimonies featured in the Home Page.

Register Your Business. Even if virtual assistance is a home- based business, approach it as a true professional. Register your business with the accredited agency.

As a legal entity, clients will feel more comfortable dealing with you. A registered company will find it easier to get favorable terms from contractors and there is the possibility of securing tax breaks.

Create a Rock Star Profile. Networking is a crucial activity to grow your business. Before you start networking, make sure you have a rock star profile online and in your marketing materials.

A rock star profile is one that states what you can do for clients and why they should hire you. Don’t spare the details; list down your accomplishments and support it with facts, figures and website links if necessary.

Target 2 Job Applications Every Day. There are many great online job market websites that you can sign up with and bid for openings as a Virtual Assistant.

Choose 3 of these online job market sites and make sure you apply to at least 2 job posts every day. And yes, that includes Sunday.

If you apply to 2 job posts every day for an entire month, you would have reached out to 60 potential clients. You need a success rate of 2% to land at least 1 new client every month.

Be Proactive with Your Market. If you have a website, offer free webinars and invite your followers to join your podcast. Your content should focus on your competencies in virtual assistance to highlight your expertise.

If you are in social media, join virtual assistance or outsourcing focus groups and engage with members frequently. This is how you get people to believe and follow you.

Scale Up Your Business. How? By hiring your own virtual assistants! If you follow the 5 previous tips, you should be getting more inquiries from interested prospects by now.

Not everyone will sign you up; there are factors such as budgetary constraints which you have no control over.

But you will sign up more clients faster. In order to manage all of these new clients, you need help and this means setting up your own virtual team!

As a Virtual Assistant your ability to generate more income is only constrained by your creativity. More businesses are looking to outsource services to virtual assistants. You can easily cast out your net into this vast ocean of opportunity can catch more clients than you thought of possible.

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