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Top 6 Items Every Virtual Assistant’s Office Should Have

Top 6 Items Every Virtual Assistant’s Office Should Have


As a Virtual Assistant, you are not constrained by 4 walls. You can work at a coffee shop, a restaurant or the public park. As long as there is Internet connectivity, you are always good to go!

However, the home office should remain your primary place of work. It allows greater focus and professionalizes your business. If you are serious about building a career in virtual assistance, you should be prepared to invest in your business and this includes equipment in your office:

Reliable PC. As a Virtual Assistant, your PC is your bread and butter. In the same way that a coffee franchise invests in the best espresso maker, you should make sure your PC can do the job.

It should have large memory storage and loaded with the latest software for project management, file sharing, online communications, anti-virus and firewalls. In terms of hardware, get the best headset money can buy.

For some virtual assistants, you will be using the PC up to 8 hours every day. It should be resilient to wear and tear and undergo regular maintenance.

Back Up PC. Of course, you never know when your primary PC will just break down. It happens to every piece of technology.

Make sure you have a back up unit whether as a PC or laptop. The backup unit must likewise be dependable and outfitted with the latest software. It should support your virtual assistance business while your primary PC is being repaired.

Back Up ISP. You can never rely 100% on 1 ISP. This is especially true for virtual assistants who are located in the Philippines and India. These are the top 2 countries for outsourcing services, yet they have notoriously poor ISP.

Secure at least a second ISP with minimum 1MB bandwidth. This will allow you to transmit data and receive calls. It is a recurring expense but consider it as insurance for uninterrupted services.

Fax, Printer/ Scanner. Yes, clients will still fax documents. Despite the age of e-mail, there will still be clients who include the fax just to make documents are received.

You will also need a printer/ scanner as some projects may require you to sign documents or fill out entries before submitting them. Contracts are usually printed, signed, scanned and sent.

L-Type Work Station. There are many work stations you can find that are serviceable for virtual assistance work. But the L-Type offers you the advantage of more space and segregation.

You can use the long part to do paperwork and to place office supplies while the PC can be on the short end of the L-Type. It is easier and more efficient to get things done on an L-type work station.

Ergonomic Chair. If you will spend 4 to 8 hours every day sitting down, make sure it will not affect your lower back. Sitting down for prolonged hours is one of the leading causes of chronic back pain.

An ergonomic chair makes sure your back is in the right position to relieve pressure off your lumbar area. Of course, even with the ergonomic chair, you should get up and walk around to get circulation going.

All of this office equipment will ensure smooth running for your virtual assistance business. With the exception of the backup ISP, every single item will be credited as an asset of your business. Invest in your business and the payout will be worth it.

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