Les Finances are always looking for new writers. If you have an idea that will move our industry forward and bring helpful information to our readers, we’d love to hear about it. Our aim is to bring a fresh perspective to your readers on a variety of topics regarding health care and finance.

We understand that writing within these topics takes a lot of work. We want your article to be of the highest quality as well. Once the article is accepted, we will offer our feedback, and you will work closely without editors.

Here’s What We’re Looking For

Before you submit your article, please have a look at our guide for better insight to formatting and structuring your content. Please make sure your submission has followed these guidelines:

  • Articles offer a clear argument rather than a list of tips.
  • Has a personal tone.
  • Well written for our target audient in the lines of health and finance
  • Supported by facts and not just opinions.
  • Articles must have fact check and sources on site.

How We Publish Our Content

Here are three types of content we publish:

  • Mini-content – worth 500 words
    Mini-content can be a short, informative article.
  • Articles – worth 1,500 words
    Articles must be written in a casual tone. Ideal for posts and tutorials
  • Features – worth 2,500 words
    Articles must contain rigorous content to meet our criteria


Here is our step process after your submission:

  • Once we have received your article, an editor will review your submission.
  • Once the team has provided feedback, we will contact you if we are interested.
  • If accepted, an editor will contact you and discuss details such as style, organization, and format.
  • We will schedule the publication and inform you when the article is ready to go live.